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About Brownrabbits

Hello, this is Brownrabbits!
We specialize in whimsical merchandise and cute prints. We are a family run business and we work very hard to bring good quality trinkets and art prints.

Meet the staff! 

Owner, Designer

Hi! Brownrabbits here, I make and design all the things you see in the shop. Sometimes I will help out with the shop but it's mostly run by my dad and mom! I have an anti-authority attitude and things I enjoy are drinking bubble tea, crafting and having a purpose!

Dispatcher, Customer Service

Hey, I am George, Brownrabbit's dad. I keep the store running by packing and shipping most of the orders! I like to write notes and add dollar store stickers to your package. My favourite hobbies are sports and telling my daughter to play sports.

Delivery and Home Cook

Hello, I am Lisa, Brownrabbit's mom. I drop off packages and also fill the stomachs of these two. My favourite things are gospel music, fish and young love.